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Letter: How Mulvaneys playing Russian roulette with Consumer bureau

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"You can't believe people will do it." The following is Hill's account of what occurred, according to a police affidavit: They had been drinking and it was Litz's idea to play Russian roulette. Hill asked Michael Shilling to get a silver box from a drawer that contained a revolver. Hill  unloaded four or five rounds and, thinking the gun was empty, he put it to his head and pulled the trigger. Litz took the gun, put it to his head and shot himself. Litz was pronounced dead at the scene with Clinton County Coroner Zach Hanna ruling suicide as the manner of death. Hill told police the gun belonged to Litz but he had been keeping it for him for several months, the affidavit states. Shilling said he was unaware there was a gun in the box. There was no visible serial number on the firearm and it appeared as if the bottom part of the frame where the number should have been had been cut off, police said. When police arrived they said they found the weapon on a table along with a white powder residue suspected to be cocaine and a small notebook that contained names and dollar amounts.

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